We all have those people in our lives who just are so sure of their knowledge. They are convinced that they understand the concepts of the Law of Attraction and it cannot possibly be real. They believe it's magic, voodoo, and a crime against religion all rolled into one. Believe me, in my life, I've come across thousands of very vocal people. Many of them believe it is their sacred obligation to their own belief system to somehow make me denounce it.

Ironically, over time, the vast majority of those critics have long since changed their tune. Not because I attacked them, belittled their belief system, or argued. In fact, quite the opposite. I listened, I cared, I showed compassion, I helped, I connected, and I became the example they wanted to follow. Life has a funny way of correcting your path when you are ready to accept it. However, if someone is not ready to accept a new path, it might be best to stand back and give it time.

One area I run across a ton of resistance is the corporate business world. This is a bit funny to me as it is also where I happen to have the vast majority of my customers. I spend most of my time helping people align their business utilizing the concepts of the Law of Attraction.

If I walk in the door, announce we are going to use the Law of Attraction to dramatically improve their business, most of them would usher me right back out the door. However, they have no problem accepting the need to lead with positivity, build meaningful customer connections, visualizing success, the power of generosity, or any other number of Law of Attraction concepts. Changing the culture within is paramount to changing your outcome. I have proven this time and time again with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Just like you do not always appreciate it when someone comes preaching a different belief system to you, learn to appreciate that others do not as well. We are not meant to oppose them in any way. Belief systems, religions, scientific views, and social ideologies are not replacements or competitive with the Law of Attraction. In fact, they are a core part of the spiritual and purpose driven side of it.

Leading by example instead of words is the only way. Love, compassion, positivity, patience, understanding, and integrity. If you've ever witnessed a political argument on social media, there is only one clear outcome: not one single person ever read a social media post and said: “Oh! They're right! Let me go change my vote right now!” Instead, reading, engaging, and participating in these “flame wars” is a perfect demonstration in how to spread animosity, hatred, anger, and every other negative emotion you can imagine. And, as a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, we all understand what that means: You will attract that very thing back into your life.

The way to stop a giant asteroid is not to oppose it directly. That will cause death and destruction. It is instead to gradually change its path with gentle nudges. Don't oppose those who do not believe. Instead, be there to connect with them, listen to them, and every so often, provide a gentle “nudge” towards positivity or compassion. You'll be amazed how dramatic the results will be.

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