This may sound obvious, but if you aren’t going to be accountable, you are going to struggle to find success.

So what do we mean by accountability? Sadly, you, like most of the people in the world, have been conditioned to be compliant, controlled, and passive. We have learned that if anything goes wrong, you want to avoid being blamed. We learn quickly to make excuses to avoid being responsible of failure. 

So what are we talking about when we intermingle Law of Attraction and Accountability?

Put simply, you cannot manifest results if you have forfeited your power to do so. Blame and excuses are a sure fire way to give up power and ability to achieve results. You are basically saying: “I can’t do this, but here are the reasons why…”. In order to achieve any degree of success, you must start to admit that you have to let go of your fear of failure, and instead embrace the outcome.